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All good things come to an end. Including this tale of Mal & Reg.

List of Widdershins books in reading order


The Demon, the Hero, and the War for Widdershins

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"I want to know what you're writing about first."

Saavy. I like it.

Genre: Adult Humorous Fantasy Adventure

What happens when good and evil collide?
They yell, “Ouch!”

This adult humorous fantasy adventure series features a snarky demon (Lord Malgon) and inept human hero (Sir Reginald) who are forced together on a quest to save themselves...and maybe even the world. They face mystery and magical creatures (and cause a bit of mayhem) as they traverse the topsy-turvy world of Widdershins in search of answers and assistance. These books are sure to delight any fans of Good Omens or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and will leave a Mal and Reg shaped stamp on your heart.


"Hilarious, original, and great fun. Great for any lover of fantasy books, humor books, or anyone who loves to read. Can't wait to read the next one! 5 stars!"
Scott McCormick, author of The Dragon Squisher
"...the subtlety and humor of an assassin's stiletto inserted straight down into the funny bone."
Carl R. Jennings, author of Just About Anyone
"This read was a true delight. The perfect cocktail of humor, adventure, and heartwarming character growth. I hate you, A.E. Kincaid, for making me tear up over a demon and a Reg."
J.L. Vampa, author of the Sisters Solstice Series
 "I want to start off by saying I can't remember the last time I read a book as fun as The Demon, the Hero, and the City of Seven! I tend to lean toward darker reads, but this hilarious adventure was a breath of fresh air."
Shelby, Bookstagrammer (@nerdyfoxreads)
"The thing is, it wasn't just funny. This book had so much heart. It felt like a mash-up of Lord of the Rings and Good Omens. I adored the MCs and root for them throughout the story, and their characters grew in ways I didn't know to expect."
Lou, Bookstagrammer (@louturnspages)


Hello, I’m Amy! By day I’m the messaging director + COO at a creative studio. By night I am an award winning fantasy author. Most of my work exists at the cross section of cozy and epic fantasy. I’m best known for the Mal & Reg Novels of Widdershins in which a snarky demon and an inept human hero are bound together on a quest against their will. Much like the titular characters of the series, I have a deep appreciation for coffee–which helps me keep up with my charming, active kiddo. My fiction work appears in The Rebel Diaries Anthology and the Exquisite Poison Anthology and my nonfiction work appears on websites, commercials, and blogs across the country.

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